Santa Barbara Triathlon Club Profile
Zach Komon
Name: Zach Komon

Years in Triathlon: 0.817 as of today. Carp '07 was my first (it was gentle with me)

Employment: Project Manager, Chemical Programs at GRT, Inc. (basically I'm a PhD chem nerd who makes sure stuff gets done)

Family Life: Beautiful, funny and supportive wife, Janice. We have 2 chinchillas (our chinchildren), Mister and The Dread Pirate Roberts

My Hero: I know it's cliched, but I'd have to say my dad. Or Batman.

Athletic Background
: Soccer since I was 6 (retired at 26 after an amazing shutout playing keeper); High School Track - 100m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles, 4x400 relay; Long hiatus where I got fat; Starting running again April 2004 to get back in shape;
Began racing again in November 2006

Favorite Race and why: Running: Santa Cruz Mts (PCTR) 29K trail race (06/2007): Awesome trail, 1st in AG, 2nd overall; Tri: Ventura: Just had a lot of fun and finished about 2 minutes faster than I thought I could.

Worse Race and why: There are a lot of races that are worse than the favorites, just by definition :); Worst would be Nite Moves 9/5/07. First swimming race, no wetsuit, freezing water, never swam 1K before that. Needless to say it didn't go well. I ended up side-stroking for most of it and the scissor-kick jacked up my left leg for a good 2 months after that. On top of that, no one was taking numbers when I got out of the water so I didn't get my swim split and they counted me as a runner-only when I finished so the results show that I did a 50+ minute 5K. I'm not bitter about that at all!

This years goals: Sub 40 10K - done; Sub 60 15K - done; Qualify for Boston - done (OK that was just a general goal, not necessarily for this year),Finish Olympic Tri - done; Finish SB Long course - coming up!; Beat Josh & Brian at Pier to Peak :);
<8hr 9 Trails - November

In five years I hope to
: remain mostly uninjured; Be able place in AG for triathlons; Have a 50 miler under my belt; have completed a 1/2 IM and plans for a full

Something most people do not know about me
: I have 2 of something most people only have one of . . . . . middle names! (get your mind out of the gutter)