Wait a minute, there were no timing chips, no mats, no USAT gendarmes pointing us to the sin bins, no wrist bands, no body marking, none of the usual trappings of triathlon race management.  So what results?  Results have been defined, there are many views, as 'a favorable or concrete outcome or effect'.  So it is possible to have non-quantifiyable results and Steves Tri can be viewed as a little lab experiment in alternative triathlon.  Since I only did the swim, due to an overworked knee and bikes in many states of alteration, I had the opportunity to participate and also view the action.  The swim was preceeded by a very thorough swim clinic, given by Mateo, covering techniques such as water entry and exit, complete with demos by Mateo and critiques of water exit as the athletes completed the swim.  Competition was slightly masked by the lack of race pressure and the most appealing aspect , the lack of the 'race face',  made this an easygoing affair, with competition seemingly less important.  Although I was bumped a few times in the swim, I managed to avoid re-living the terror of the IMCDA swim, but triathletes are inherently competitive so this can be expected.  Hence, the results of Steve's Tri can be viewed as a  favorable outcome if for no other reason that a group of athletes assembled to honor a fallen comrade and to repeat the triad of athletic activities that bond them all.  Thanks Steve.      VB