Hey Dave

Another great turnout! 

Here's the workout...


800 at 5k pace...2 mins rest

2 x 400 at faster than 5k pace...1 min rest

Repeat series 4 times

***1 min rest after last 400 and before 800


PS is it friday yet?

I missed this one, but Liz came home thrashed. It works, though, look at how fast the people who do track on a regular basis are getting. Kyle, Josh, Liz, Amanda to mention just a few.

Thursday is our June Tri Club meeting with a very fun, entertaining speaker, Lee Gruenfeld. The foods been ordered, the drinks will be on ice. The bike jersey's are ready to be picked up ( bring $35...the best deal in town), now all we need is YOU!! 6.30pm at Hazards/Santa Barbara Running and if you have a friend that's interested in the Club, bring them along.

The Pres.