Just some quick thoughts from Hawaii. The great thing racing in Hawaii is you get exactly what you expect. There are absolutely no surprises. The swim is a mass start, no wetsuits. No hiding. It will be choppy and you will swallow water and get clubbed on the head a few times. But where else will you see a manta ray cruising beneath you. Unbelievable. The bike is windy. Crazy windy. There will be times you will death grip your bars for fear you will be blown into the lava fields.  If you are big and strong, this course is for you.  The run will be hot. Sometimes stifling hot. The sun will beat down on you unmercifully. Lee Carter had and absolutely great run and ran himself to a fourth place finish. While Lee ran strong and moved up the ladder, I spiraled downward, finishing 8th. Hawaii rewards the strong and punishes the weak. That is why I like it and why it remains my favorite place to race. See you next year!