Amanda had trouble with her back last night, she couldn't get it off the couch with the Laker game on! She, thankfully sent Ernesto to dole out the punishment at Tuesday nights track workout. With the addition of some Moms in Motion members we probably had the best turn out of the year. Liz Groom barked the orders for our mile of warm up drills and then it was on to the main set:


The first 600 at sub 5k pace and then jog the last 200, follow that with a 1 minute rest.

Then do it again, and again, and again!!

Cool down for a few laps and go home to watch the end of the game.

If you are doing the track workouts you obviously don't need this information, if not try to get some track time in to make you a stronger, faster runner. We will be continuing these get togethers every Tuesday at 6.15pm at San Marcos High School track and all members are welcome at no cost.

We normally try and get race results posted for our members doing local and out of town races. This is easier when the race has results by city participants. This was not the case at The Escape from Alcatraz. After hours of scanning the entrants we found one very well known name that we missed a few weeks ago when the race was held. As far as we can tell the only member who finished the race was our very own Ross Adams.

Ross finished in a commendable 3:33:14 for a fourth place spot in his age group, 65-69. he had the fastest split on the bike for his group and more importantly kept his head down going under the Golden Gate Bridge!!


If we missed you let me know and we'll add the information to the site.

Talking about races, this weekend sees some of our members 'going long'! Two Ironman races on the same day:

Travelling to France for Ironman France are members Christina Lund and Shonna Day so if you want to follow there progress go to and track the athlete.

A little closer to home, and probably a bit colder, will be local athletes :

Vic Birtalan, Jim Johnson, Rick Jones, Tom Hilzer, Jeff Phillips, Amanda McCoy, Leanne Clarke, Julianne Lum, Nicole Clancy and Peter Withers.

Good luck to all of them, they'll need it. The water temp was 48 degrees at the beginning of the month, so the race directors have made wetsuits mandatory. The air temp forecast looks great, mid 70's for a high. Again follow them at ironmanlive.

See you Friday for fast facts,

The Pres.