I missed track because...............I missed track!!! Amanda is out of town so I'm going to give an educated guess at what the workout was.

How about an aerobic threshold test, 4 miles straight at the same heart rate you did the last one in. You should now be able to go faster at the same heart rate as you were at before.

Meeting tonight:

Great coach's answering your questions.

UCSB coach, Mateo Mercur, cycling coach, Jill Gass, triathlon coach and physical therapist, Mike Swan, and last but not least, Liz Groom, triathlon coach and personal trainer.

We have about 25 questions that have been submitted by YOU, so this will be a very full, informative meeting. I doubt we will have time for an open question and answer session so if you have any questions write them down and I'll try and get them in tonight.

So remember bring your used shoes and get a raffle ticket for each pair you donate. The shoes will go to a very worthwhile cause, helping people in third world countries run and walk a little easier. I have a few nice prizes for our raffle winners.

If you indicated that you wanted a tri club uniform top or bike jersey and haven't picked it up yet, please get it tonight. We are getting  very low on some of the sizes, out on some, and some people still wanting the ones we have set aside.

I'm going to start the meeting a little earlier tonight so we can get everything 'in', and I'm going to be stricter on 'private parties' in the Hazards side of the room. Please show some respect to the speakers who are donating their time for the benefit of our members. If the program doesn't interest you don't come to the meeting, if you just want to go out for dinner...have fun and tell us about it sometime!! If you come to the meeting please be AT the meeting, you never know you may learn something, or better still may help someone else learn something.  

See you tonight,

The Pres.