Hey Dave

The numbers are dwindling at track…though, the dedicated few keep a comin’

20 x 400 m with 30 sec rest after each 400

First 10 laps at pace between 10k and 5 k pace

Second 10 laps 5k pace and faster…progressively going all out as you get closer to the 20th lap.

And a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ZACH KOMON…33 years yesterday!



I want to add a few things that probably need your attention, particularly the applications for the Carpinteria Triathlon. This needs to be given to Kyle if you want to take advantage of the group discount. He'll be at Nite Moves tonight and possibly the Friday swim and Saturday ride, after that you're on your own.

Carpinteria Triathlon  group discount: We get a 15% group discount if we register 10 or more members, that means the cost is $80.75 for the Oly course and $63.75 for the sprint, entries must be mailed together before August 15th. Kyle has volunteered to be the front man on this, so here's what you need to do. Go to the Carp web page at www.carpinteriatriathlon.com and download the application, fill it out and write the check. If you know Kyle give at to him before Sunday August 10th, if you don't know him e-mail him at  kvisin@gmail.com. He'll give you his address or arrange to get the application and check from you before that date. If you're not a USAT member add $10. Please don't ask to be included with the discount after August 10th, you're on your own then.

As we approach the Santa Barbara Triathlon I know there will be some drops and a possible chance for people to get involved even if they hadn't planned to. From Fred:

A guy I know from Los Aptos, who I race against in my AG at WF, is coming down to race the SB Tri. His wife got a relay team together but their runner bailed on them, so he asked me if I knew anyone that would want to run in a mixed relay team, he said they're pretty quick. I remember lots of people emailing me before asking about relay team hook-ups, so hopefully you'll have some info, or can post a request.

Quick runners, let me know.

Also if you are looking for a biker for a relay team, I have pulled out of the full race because of an injury but can still ride a little!! It would be fun to still participate so I don't need to be on the winning team, just the most fun one!

Talking about Tri's this weekend is the Goleta Summer Try put on by Paul, check my previous e-mails for details if you are planning on doing it and haven't signed up yet. That's Sunday so get on it if you want to participate.

Finally another one from Fred, if you can't make it to our Friday evening swim, 6.00pm at East Beach then you may be able to make Goleta Beach at noon:

Also, for the next three weeks, there will be a group of us swimming at Goleta Beach at noon, meeting at the life guard tower west of the pier. The Ocean Ducks meet there every week, so we're just joining in the fun. You can swim as far as you like, the main options being the buoy line out and back, or some people head off towards campus point for a longer swim.

People can contact me if they have any questions about either of these or Fred at fredmaggiore@yahoo.com.

OK watch for Friday Fun Facts, I'll have a few pictures from Steve's Tri posted by then and may throw in a couple from Friday night with The Roman Glowlights.

The Pres.

ps Happy Birthday Sandy Roberts...today...way to go 'Old Guys'