Santa Barbara Triathlon Club Profile

Name: David Groom, The Pres, Slimey ( ask me )

Years in Triathlon
: 9, my first one was the Santa Barbara Tri, 1999

: David Groom Insurance Agency. I've been an insurance broker for 29 years

Family Life
: Married to Liz since March 2006 and am helping raise her daughter Emily who is nearly 11. I also have two children from my previous marriage. Amy who is 30 and teaches 5 the grade in Portland and Chris who is 28 and works and lives in Las Vegas.

My Hero
: Difficult question. I don't think I have any true hero's. I admire lots of people, particularly Willy Stewart, who always manages to stay positive, kicks butt, and also gives back to our sport, while dealing with a disability that makes everything just that much more difficult.

Athletic Background
: Played soccer, rugby and cricket in high school, then coached soccer and softball when my kids were growing up. Started running in the mid 90's as part of the soccer coaching.

Favorite Race and why
: Vineman 2006. You know what it's like when something just 'comes together'? That's how I felt that day. Came first in my age group and qualified for the Hawaii Ironman that year.

Worse Race and why: Lots of them, but I have now learned to get something good out of every race. It's not always about PR'ing, or racing your hardest, particularly as you get older, but if I had to pick one it would be my first running race in 1993, The Resolution Day 10k. I only made it half way and had to quit because I wasn't ready for the distance. Didn't race again until the next Summer but came back much more prepared.

This years goals: Stay healthy, have fun and get ready for a bigger year next year. Also continue to work at building the Tri Club into a fun, energetic team that Santa Barbarans are proud to be associated with.

In five years I hope to: Be doing the same things I'm doing now. I want to be a better photographer so that when this journey comes to an end I can still be a part of it and still contribute, but in a different way. I want to be able to capture the excitement of our sport as I watch Lizzie move into her best years.
Something most people do not know about me: As one of my best friends always warns, beware of worlds colliding!!! If you don't know about Geminis' then hang with me for a couple of weeks, you'd be on a wild ride. The energy and attention span of a 6 year old, you'd be creating in the kitchen, dancing until your legs hurt, taking pictures, travelling, entertaining, swimming naked in the river, camping in the desert with 45,000 of my closest friends......and you'd be doing it in a different costume every day. Oh! you'd also be vice president of the Tri Club!