Name: Jerrett McFarlandJerrett McFarland
Years in Triathlon: 3
Employment: Bardex Corp. – Mechanical Engineering
Schools: Texas Tech (MIS), CSUN (MSA), SBCC
Outside Interests: Hiking, camping, boating, fishing, diving, surfing, mountain biking, triathlon training, Western U.S. coast, Channel Islands
Family Life: 8 year old son – Jordan, he lives in Oregon and has a great life. We have so such much fun together on our visits. Also, I have a 20 year old son – Ty, he now lives in Ventura and is doing good.
My Heroes: Those that have found peace and happiness and share it with others.
Favorite Motto: Do a good deed and don’t get caught.
Athletic Background: Always wanted to have one of those.
Favorite Race and Why: Santa Barbara Triathlon Long Course - 2007. It was my first and I did everything wrong!!! I didn’t know that I had to sign up early, so I showed up the morning of the race with my application and money. Joe Coito and others felt so sorry for me that they let me take the place of a last minute cancellation. On the swim, I was welcomed by everyone climbing over me around the first buoy. I also enjoyed the transitions so much that I spent over 10 minutes in T1 & T2. During the last mile of the ride, I realized I hadn’t laid out my running shoes because I left them in the car. So, I ran back to my car in my bike shoes (click, clack all the way), about ¼ of a mile, got my shoes on and ran back to the run start. Anyway, I FINISHED with a kickass time of 4:47:13. Since my only goal was to finish, I succeeded in my first-ever triathlon.
Worst Race and Why: Santa Barbara Triathlon Long Course – 2008. On the bike (approx. mile 11), my rear derailleur came loose (fell off) and broke my chain, some spokes, etc. I sat on the side of the road for 20 minutes repairing the drive train so I could finish the bike segment (luckily, I had all the tools I needed) . This is the race where Barbara Warren got tangled up with another rider and went down on Gobenador Canyon. This was a most unfortunate accident and loss of a great triathlete. After fixing my bike, I passed the accident scene where they stopped us for a bit. It looked pretty bad from 10 feet away and I was quite unsettled to say the least for the rest of the bike ride. On top of all that, I was afraid my chain was going to break going up Gobernador or Toro. I never knew riding could be so stressful and I just wanted off that bike in the worst way. I made it. On the run (first .5 mile), I got horrible hamstring cramps and couldn’t even walk. I was forced to stop, drink water, take some salt tablets, and relax a bit before I could start up again slowly. With all that, I still finished 10 minutes faster than 2007!
Goals this Year: Complete either Wildflower 70.3 & Vineman 70.3. I would also like to finish with better times in the UCSB, Carpinteria, and Santa Barbara Triathlons than previous years. Currently, I swim, ride, and run faster than ever before.
Over the next few years I hope to: Run like Ricky Ho, do a full Ironman, and still enjoy life to the fullest extent possible.
Ten Things Most People Don’t Know About Me:
1) Unknowingly, I lived most of my young life with the heart condition Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Syndrome. I couldn’t sustain any exercise lasting more than 30 minutes or my heart rate would jump over 200 and I would feel like passing out. I just always assumed I was out of shape. In 1997, and thanks to modern science, my WPW was easily fixed at the USC Medical Center (outpatient). No signs of WPW since! Freakin’ amazing what they can do!!!!
2) I operated and maintained the Flood Warning System for the County of Santa Barbara from 1997-2007.
3) My birthday is on 9-11.
4) I can do a handstand on a skateboard… still.
5) I used to surf big waves. Just not that interested in killing myself these days.
6) Went up & down Mt. Whitney in 17 hours during Sept., 2009.
7) Read the Power of Now and adopted some of it into my own life.
8) I maintain my own vehicle. Currently, my Acura has 290,000 miles on it and still gets 32 mpg. I also built my own tri-bike (thanks to Peter Park for the frameset).
9) I do not knowingly harm any of God’s creatures (insects included) except mosquitoes & flies when necessary.
10) I believe that continual self-inventory and being of service to others is key to true inner-happiness and peace.