It was fun to see and help out with the race as medical support as I am an RN.  Only had 3 triathlete patients.  The last triathlete out of the water was a woman who could not deal with the frigid cold water.  She was so bummed and disappointed in herself, especially trying to gear up for Wild Flower.  I actually had to help her get rewarmed and put blankets on her and then finally found a generator that was putting out heat which helped a lot to get color back in her toes which were looking very white with very slow capillary refill.   I think I spent the most of the time trying to encourage her and motivate her for future races.  I tried to offer support and understanding.  Her husband was right there at her side as tear came down her face.  I also had a guy (one of the redhead twins from Stanford) who appeared to have broken his left elbow from crashing on his bike.  Had to put a sling on and give him an ice pack and send him to GVCH ER.  There was also a guy who came out of the water, had to cut it short, and was dizzy and lightheaded and had to helped him walk back to transition.  Other than that, everyone looked pretty good.  There was one guy, pretty funny, left the bike-run transition with his cycling shoes on.  Sandy (I think) at the exit of transition told him he had his cycling shoes on.  The guy went back into transition to his stuff and came back out with only his socks and said he left them in his car and now he is going to get them, with keys in hand.  Overall, it was a great race from the looks of it.  Everyone was having fun.

Jason George