The Law Offices of Brian O'Connor have been a longtime SB Triathlon Club sponsor since it’s beginning.
Brian began his law practice in Santa Barbara in 1987 doing primarily insurance defense work for the first 10 years. Since 1997 his law practice has been focused solely on personal injury matters. Mainly representing individuals injured in bicycle and auto accidents, fall and dog bite incidents. Also a portion of his practice has involved wrongful death and injury due to medical negligence. He has significant jury trial experience and has obtained substantial settlements and verdicts for his clients. With offices in Santa Barbara and Los Olivos, he is available anytime to discuss personal injury matters; and there is no charge for a consultation. 
Your Name:

Brian O’Connor

Years in Triathlon:

First triathlon 1983

How did you get into Triathlon?

Team triathlon as the swimmer.

Favorite element (swim, bike, run) and why?

Swim because I’ll be able hopefully to do it when I’m ninety.

Favorite race and why? Worst race and why?

1994 Hawaii Ironman was my favorite and worst race. My bike and swim splits were quite good. My back was tweeted having used a new tribike for the first time (not recommended); making the run a painful experience.

The COVID pandemic has disrupted almost everyone's plans... how have you adjusted? What are your goals or how are you addressing fitness and training?

The pool reopened so everything is fine.


Attorney specializing in personal injury

Family life:

I’m married to Michelle Lafond. My daughter Sarah lives close to me. We continue to swim and bike together. My son lives in Portland.

Something most people don't know about you:

My favorite bike kit is my Zebra print.