The Challenge:

Because everything in 2021 is still up in the air due to the pandemic, sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to get outside and train hard. Let Santa Barbara Triathlon Club help you chase some “carrots” of motivation!

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The Rules:

Are pretty simple – complete as many of the official Routes listed below to be entered in a raffle to win prizes from our club sponsors! 

  1. Between February 1 and June 30, complete one (or all!) of the routes listed below. 
  2. Once you complete the route enter your times into the Event Submission Form
  3. Each route completion gets you an entry into the raffle
  4. You can enter all of your routes at the same time, or individually as you complete them

The Reward:

All submissions must be in by July 5.

At the end of the challenge we will randomly draw 10 winners. For each route you complete, you will get one entry into the prize drawing. The more routes you complete, the more chances you have to win! (Maximum 10 entries per member). 

All participants who complete all 10 routes will be eligible for the “Local Legend” award that will be announced at the End of Year Celebration. The Male and Female participants with the fastest overall time wins!

Note: You can enter a route more than once, but you will only receive one entry per route. If you enter a route more than once, the fastest time will be used for the Local Legend award. 

Note: while anyone can participate in the challenge, only active SB Tri Club members are eligible for awards.

The Routes:


  1. Pool: 400/200 challenge.  Swim all out for 400m/yds (doesn’t matter), swim easy for 10 minutes, then a 200m/yds.  You’re trying to get the lowest accumulative time between the two distances. Why 400/200?  Because the significance of the 400/200 is a popular field test used by many Olympic athletes to approximate potential 1600m swimming time trial pace.  Just like any field test, they are good markers to see your current fitness and potential paces for your races. 
  2. Pool: 1500m/yd time trial challenge.  The 1500 swim event is just as prestigious as the 5K running race.  It tests the mind and the body in a whole new level. You need speed, power and endurance!  SO if you want to test yourself in the pool, try this! GOOD LUCK! 
  3. Open water:  Milpas mile swim challenge: For you crazy open water swimmers, this challenge is for you! Start the swim at the Santa Barbara Pier and swim east to the Palm trees at the end of the bike path (Milpas street) which is exactly a mile.  Embrace the chop and cold to grab this challenge! 
    1. Here is the route: 



  1. Old San Marcos (OSM) Challenge: Old San Marcos road has a hill exactly 5k long.  Besides Gibraltar, OSM is the most popular climb in Santa Barbara.  Don’t go all out in the beginning! The “devils backbone” of steep turns awaits one mile from the top! ENJOY! 
    1. Check out the route: 
  2. Monday Night Time Trial Challenge:  MNTT course is a rolling 10mile butt kicker that has been around for 32 years. This is a very popular course completed by some of the fastest cyclist in the Nation.  
    1. Check it out here:
  3. Santa Barbara Triathlon Course Challenge. We all know it. We might as well do it! Besides, who doesn’t like climbing Toro Canyon Rd anyways? 
    1. Check out the route: 



  1. Milpas Mile Challenge: For this Challenge you’ll run pretty much the exact route as the Milpas Mile Swim Challenge BUT reversely and on the bike path. Milpas St to the Wharf.  An iconic beach run!  
    1. Check out the route: 
  2. 10 mile Push The Path Challenge: Run this freshly black topped bike path from Modoc to UCSB and back. Be careful, false flat up on the way back.  Pacing is key!  
    1. Check out the route. 
  3. Mtn Drive 10k Challenge: Starting from Gibralter Rd to the Water Fountain and back.  This scenic route is one of the best in Santa Barbara.  Enjoy the views of all of Santa Barbara’s coastland east to west from just below the cloud line. 
    1. Check out the route: 



  1. 1 to 5 Challenge: Test yourself with a 1k swim (pool or open water) to a 5k run! YUP, transitions count for the total time so you better towel off quickly because TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!!!