Alyssa Walter
Full Charge Bookkeeper @ Westpac Companies
Years in Triathlon
this will be my 7th season, first Tri was SB sprint in 2010
Athletic Background 
I grew up in a very athletic family & lifestyle. Over the years I pretty much tried every sport at least once. My parents made me join cross country my freshman year of high school and I learned I was a pretty decent runner and it's stuck with me over the years. Swimming and biking however I didn't really begin to pick up until 2010 when Lisa Ratzliff had this crazy idea of us doing trying out a triathlon.
Family Life
My better half, Mike, complements my crazy, active lifestyle quite well. We own more bikes & gear than we have space for but somehow it works. Last year I got him to race one tri with me (Goleta Beach) and that was enough for him.
My Hero
That's easy...my mom! She is what get's me to the finish line in every race. I do it for her, knowing that if she were still here she would be right beside me doing them too 🙂
Favorite Race and Why
That's a hard one to decide. I've done so many awesome races, I don't know that I particularly have a favorite.
Worst Race and Why
Carp Olympic Tri last year by far. It had been a long season and Carp was my final event. I went into the day just wanting to finish in one piece and improve on my time from previous years. I was lucky I made it to the finish line. I neglected my nutrition and got extremely dehydrated. I walked close to 2/3 of the run and actually wanted to just call it quit 2 miles to the finish. Not my typical race day. I made it across the finish line but it was not one of my prouder moments.
This Year’s Goals
My main race this year is Boulder 70.3 and I want to make a large improvement on my previous 70.3 time. I'm a little more focused on a set training this year to prepare for the race and am again excited to see what else I am capable of with a little more determination.
Something Most People Don’t Know About Me
I love dachshund (weiner dogs) and one day will have a whole herd of them.