Kyle Visin

Killer B Fitness Baby! 

Years in Triathlon

Athletic Background
I had a very active childhood and played all kinds of sports growing up however I was not a swimmer, 
cyclist or runner until after I graduated from UCSB in 2005.

Family Life
I have an amazing wife Shannon and a brand new daughter Sloan who was board in June of 2015.

Favorite Race and Why
Ironman Hawaii (Kona) 2012. I had the best performance of my life on the biggest stage on the biggest stage in the world:)

Worst Race and Why
I've had extremely hard races and races where I failed to perform to my expectations however it's hard for me to label one my "worst". I'm a firm believer that you can only call a race a "failure" if you don't recognize your mistakes, learn from them and fix the problem. That is the only way to progress in life:) 

This Year’s Goals
Focus on building the second Killer B Fitness location, continue to change the way people (and the world) view health and fitness and do a lot of local races. I'm spending this year gearing up for a big 2017! 

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me:

I run a triathlon training program in town and also personally coach a small handful of athletes every year however that is not the main focus of my business. My goal is not to turn everyone into triathletes but to change the way people view health and fitness. That's what Killer B Fitness is all about!