Jon Goodman

Vice President - Commercial at TriSep Corporation since 2009

Years in Triathlon
5+. First tri was 2010 Santa Barbara Long Course.

Athletic Background
Unlike many of the studs in the club, I did not have an athletic background growing up. I started running in 2007 at 42 and am still "waddling" along!

Family Life
Tammy and I are getting married in June. We live in SB with her son and our three kitties. I have a daughter at Indiana University and son living in Pasadena.

Favorite Race and Why

Santa Barbara Triathlon. It's our hometown race, and the whole Tri Club is out cheering and supporting each other.

Worst Race and Why
I finish every race with a smile on my face, so there is no "worst" race. Even when Wildflower kicks my butt every year, and I feel like curling up under a tree and dying, I still trudge along and smile at the finish...and then sign up to do it all over again!

This Year’s Goals
My top races for 2016 are Wildflower Long Course (5th time) and Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz. My goal, as always, is to stay injury-free...and not have Wildflower kick my butt as badly.

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me
After having an epiphany on 12/26/2006, I started running and lost 55 pounds in 5 1/2 months. And though I run like a penguin, my first marathon was sub-4 hours (2009 Ottawa), and my PR is 3:46 (2009 Santa Barbara Marathon).