Santa Barbara Triathlon Club Profile


Name: Vic Birtalan

Years in Triathlon: 25

Employment: Software Engineer with CSC & part time instructor at UC Extension

Family Life: I live with Pam in Goleta

My Hero: Scott Crossfield, a legendary test pilot, recently killed due to inept ATC

Athletic Background: Surfing since 1959

Favorite Race and Why: 1998 IMHI, my first IM, would not be there without Steve Issaris shoving me into the registration tent at the METRX half, where I qualified.

Worst Race and Why: IMAZ, 2007, my first and only DNF, did the swim and bike, but did not start the run due to influenza and high temperature.

This years goals: do well in Hawaii

In five years I hope to: do well in Hawaii

Something most people do not know about me: I'd rather be flying