Santa BarbarTriathlon Club Profile

Josh 1

Name: Joshua Schultz

Years in Triathlon: 2 years

Employment: I fabricate custom orthotics and prosthetics for Nobbe Orthopedics, Inc.

Family life: I am engaged to marry the beautiful but shy Karen Egerman.. I hope our kids get her swimming genes! I grew up in Carpinteria and my parents still live there, so the whole family is still close except for my sister who has been living in Istanbul.

My Hero: This is a hard one. I don’t really have one.

Athletic Background: I was a typical jock while growing up. I played baseball, high school football, pick up basketball, and a little running . I also did some snowboarding and skateboarding. After high school I did mostly weights lifting, specifically 12oz curls and bass guitar thrusts.

Josh 2

Favorite Race and Why: Carpinteria tri because it was my first triathlon twice. In 2006 the sprint was my first triathlon ever and when I took 2nd in 25-29 division I was absolutely shocked but elated. I was hooked! So in 2007 I made Carp my first Olympic distance tri. To my complete surprise, I again took 2nd .

Worst Race and Why: This is a hard question because I really haven’t had a horrible race experience, but I would have to say that Wildflower Olympic this year was my most painful race. Although the camping and atmosphere of the race was wonderful when race day came around I just didn’t feel prepared. I got lost in the enormous transition area during T1, got stomach cramps on the run, and just felt like I hadn’t trained and raced to the best of my ability. Everything that went wrong during the race was all better when Kyle whipped a Corona out of his backpack. Thanks dude! You’re a life saver.

This Years Goals: At the beginning of the year my goals where to get Karen to marry me, improve my sinking swim to mid pack speed, run a sub 40min 10k, and sign up for an Ironman. Well, so far Karen said yes, I’m firmly in the middle of the pack, I ran a 39min 10k, and I’ll be driving to Arizona with Kyle to get a spot in Ironman ’09.

Something most people don’t know about me: George W. Bush makes me mad!