Friday's BBQ at Leadbetter is slated to start at 6.00pm. My workers will be there a little earlier to get set up. We have about 110 people signed up so should be fun. I suggest bringing your own chairs as the seating there is limited. The Annual BBQ is held to recognise and thank our sponsors so if you get chance to say hi to one of them, tell them you appreciate all the free stuff you get because of them and you will support them as much as you can. Thanks to them we will have a very large raffle with lots of fun give aways.

The Challenge:

The UCSB Challenge will be held the next day at East Beach at 10.30am. If you are on one of the teams you already know which one. If you are not on a team we need cheerleaders. Come on out in your Tri Club gear and enjoy the fun. It will only last about 60-90 minutes and you can get your workout in before or after. We have 4 teams, UCSB will have at least 5 and the Rincoln Tri Club will have at least one. Short swims and runs keep it interesting.

So a fun weekend, no East Beach swim this week but you can always swim early at Leadbetter before the BBQ.

See you this weekend.

The Pres