After three long years the coveted UCSB vs SB Tri Club Challenge Cup is back in our Possession!  Last Saturday morning at East Beach was the site of our annual challenge with UCSB.  Last year UCSB took the cup and rubbed it in with offerings of prune juice, Metamucil and a case of Depends.  However, this year our Pres showed them that older but wiser makes for good strategy.  Dave compiled a couple of groups of ringers to go head-to-head with the UCSB mixed and girls teams. 

It was a perfect morning for a swim - run - swim - run - swim - run 6 person relay teams starting with an approx 700 yard swim and just shy of a 2 mile run on the hard packed sand.  While we were setting up the course we were paid a visit from a lifeguard that noticed someone accidentally brought a keg of beer chased with 3 cases of Budwiser.  He warned us that the local gen d'arm would be coming by in 30 min and would give a ticket to the guy with a clipboard.  I noticed that would be me so I asked for the suds to be escorted back to Dave's Pathfinder.  Soon after someone inadvertently pushed the bull horn alarm and the race was on.  The shore break was the tough part otherwise the swim was smooth and current free.  It was my job to keep everyone staged for the relay tags and Irwin was in charge of the time.  He did a perfect job with 3 knockoff Rolexes on each arm. I overheard Irwin say to each participant that the race was up to them and to dig down deep for the groomer.

At the end of the day we had two teams that claimed our victory over our youthful collegian opponents.  SB Tri Mixed Team 1 made up of Ricky, Jay, Steve, Kyle, Anne and Heather clocked a 53:56 a whole 3 min faster than the Gauchos!  Our All Girls Team made up of Sarah, Laura, Liz, Beth, Karen and Andrea timed in at 60 min flat leading the UCSB Coeds by 9 mins! On closer analysis, Dave purposely stacked (should I use that word) the girls team with our strongest, fastest, future leaders of the free world and cute too.  Our number one Mixed team was set up the same way. UCSB coach Mateo cried foul on our strategy but race officials determined Dave's methods, although devious, was nonetheless legal.

The all men team made up of Markus, Zac, Brian O, Matt, Craig S. and John N. came in at 57:33.  Our number two Mixed team made up of Jocelyn, Sue M., Jarrett, Joe, Craig A. and Dave came in at 1:10:45.  We also fielded a boys team made up of Connor and Sean, they came in so quick we didn't catch their time.  Kyle reported to me that Steve Smith ran the running course in 10:22 on the sand, a 5 min and change pace per mile!

UCSB wins the costume award hands down with tutus, pink tights and items slept in from last night's crawl.

Very special Hoorah for the Rincon team that either drives or rides here  each year to field a team that always finishes in the top times. Everyone had a great time and we all celebrated by retrieving and lightening the load back from the Pathfinder.

I noticed more laughs from the cheering section and participants than any of the clubs racing events.  I know the type A is hard wired to win but this venue seems to release endorphins from the spirit of community rather than to reach a PR.  However, it does feel good when "old guys rule".