We have decided to continue a tradition that our past president, Fred, started a number of years back. Before the official start of each meeting we will have a brief informational session geared towards new athletes (from approximately 6:30-6:45).

Our first presentation will feature Coach Jack Bianchi who is also one of our sponsors.  His talk will focus on how to effectively train with a Heart Rate Monitor.

Jack is requesting that you please visit the following webpage prior to the meeting: HR Training Zone Calculator. By inserting your gender, age and max HR it will help you approximate your training zones. If you print it out and bring it to the meeting Jack will be happy to answer any questions about your particular zones.

The following are a few common questions Jack will be addressing:

Why do you need to train easy at a low HR to get faster?

How do we determine what our max heart rate is?

What is a good test to do to see if your fitness is improving?

Please arrive to the meeting a bit early if you'd like to sit in on the presentation.