Santa Barbara Triathlon Club Profile

Margaret Learmonth1

Name: Margaret Learmonth

Years in Triathlon: First race in April 2003...this is my 6th year racing.

Employment: Owner, All Buildings West, selling pre-manufactured steel buildings

Family Life: Just married in February to Glyn, two very supportive parents, one older brother and even better sister-in law:)

Athletic Background: NCAA Swimmer at PITT, but realized college was more fun without all the training and transferred to UCLA, but not to swim.

Favorite Race and why: 2 favorites: 1. Ironman CDA which was my 1st Ironman, got to train with Glyn and some great gals in town, and see all the hardwork pay off. 2. Florida Budlight/Publix Summer series because the races were small, the best ocean swims/beach runs, and it was CHEAP...ahhh racing before it got popular.

Worse Race and why: Chicago Triathlon because you have to wait 4+ hours after transition closes to race...Glyn was already drinking cold beer by the time I started!

This years goals: Travel and only train for 1 race, Silverman Half in November

In five years I hope to: Kiddies running around driving us crazy!

Something most people do not know about me: I don't know, I'm pretty much an open book!

Margaret Learmonth2