Santa Barbara Triathlon Club Profile

Kyle Visin

Name: Kyle Visin

Years in Triathlon
: 2 Years

: Mechanical Design Engineer for Asylum Research: Design Build and Test Atomic Force Microscopes. You asked!!!

Family Life
: Awesome Girlfriend, Great Parents, One Brother

My Hero: Dad

Athletic Background
: Active Childhood but had never swam biked or ran seriously up until two years ago.

Favorite Race and why
: Wildflower: The longer and harder the race, the more fun I'm having

Worse Race and why
: My first ever Triathlon (Carpentaria) Got forced off the road by a car and went over the handlebars. After that I was hooked!

This years goals
: Have a sub 40min run in an Olympic Race, Place at the SB Tri, Sign up for Ironman Arizona 2009

In five years I hope to: Have completed multiple Ironman Events and be on the path to qualifying for Hawaii

Something most people do not know about me
: I love a cold Beer or 5 after a Race..... Oh...... something most people don't know....