John Nelson

Years in Triathlon: 

Did my first "tri" way, way, way back in 1993!

How did you get into Triathlon: 

When I was a kid, I loved to be outdoors swimming, riding my bike, or just running. I still do.

Favorite Element of Triathlon:

I'd have to pick the swim -- Few things in life match how good I feel after a swim work-out.

Favorite Race and Why? Worst Race and Why? 

Favorite race is a tough one to answer -- I have so many great memories of so many fun races that I've done over the years. My favorite race is probably our own local SB Triathlon -- ocean swim, challenging bike, and beachside run -- what's not to like! Worst race is also hard to answer -- all races have offered something good, positive. A few years back, I did the Coeur d'Alene Ironman. I broke my foot 5 weeks out from the race. I did complete the IM distrance, but I had to walk the marathon.

The COVID pandemic has disrupted almost everyone's plans... how have you adjusted? What are your goals or how are you addressing fitness and training?

Pandemic?? What pandemic?? I've been able to keep swimming, biking and running all along. But, I'm also working in some hiking, camping and other activities.


Attorney and investment advisor -- I help businesses administer and manage employee retirement plans.

Family Life: 

Married for 35 years (my wife Peggy is a very patient and forgiving person). Three adult children.

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: 

I can eat a half-gallon of ice cream in one sitting.