Christine Raimer

Years in Triathlon: 

Since 2011 (9 years)

How did you get into Triathlon: 

My Dad did Vineman in 2009/2010 and I went and watched him… I was so inspired by the athletes and I wondered if I could ever do such an athletic feat! I grew up swimming and running but at the time was not very active… in 2011, my Dad and I did my first triathlon together in South Beach, Miami.

Favorite Element of Triathlon:

Running! I love that you just need a pair of shoes, and it’s pretty easy to run wherever you go!

Favorite Race and Why: 

Before 2019, I would say Santa Cruz 70.3, but Canada 70.3 in Whistler might’ve edged it out! The swim in Whistler was just the nicest water, ever. And the bike was a fun hilly challenge, and the run not too hard!

Worst Race and Why: 

I’ve had bad moments in races but not overall bad races… I think the one that jumps to mind are the run during Vineman 70.3 and Ironman Texas – I had terrible GI issues and we’ll just leave it at that. Those that know, know!

The COVID pandemic has disrupted almost everyone's plans... how have you adjusted? What are your goals or how are you addressing fitness and training?

I ended up having around 5 races cancelled, postponed or converted to virtual. At first, I held out hope for the postponed ones and kept training, but it's been difficult to keep that motivation as more Fall races have been cancelled. I've taken on a few challenges - did a 5/4/24 challenge, completed the Santa Barbara Virtual Kilometer and finished (half/one-way) of Nine Trails and I'm still hopeful that Born to Run will happen in October!  


Marketing Operations Director for a travel assistance product

Family Life: 

I met my husband through work and we still work together today! Our rescue dog, Tessa, is our world!

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: 

I grew up in Michigan and rode horses competitively growing up. I was the first gymkhana-specific rider on my high school equestrian team, specializing in barrel racing.