1.5 years in triathlon - started with 2007 SB sprint tri

Work at Santa Barbara Athletic Club and Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club as the Sales & Marketing Director. Also own 2 limited liability companies.

Family life: Unmarried, live with 1 housemate, my 13 year-old cat Calvin, and the assorted termites that eat my house. My mom and dad live locally, sister lives in Florida. Grew up in Ventura and Oxnard.

My Hero: Nelson Mandela, for being imprisoned and then finding the ability to forgive his captors and ultimately free his mind and finding peace. Then becoming an icon of peace for the world. The dalai lama's not bad either!

Athletic Background: All-star soccer player through elementary school, then switched to short-track roller speed skating. Once in high school played soccer, ran sprints and long jump in track, and played center midi in lacrosse. ( I went to a boarding school in Ojai called Thacher, hence the east coast sport of lacrosse in high school). Not good enough to play college sports, so went to beach volleyball for 12 years, and won my first two-man tourney in 1995. (I know, I'm short. But I could jump back then!) Skied since I was 3, took up snowboarding in 2000, and now I do both.


Favorite race and why: 2008 Carpinteria. I hired Liz Groom to coach me in May, and just did everything she said. I was shooting for a 2:45:00 and did a 2:31:53, and I had FUN! It was an awesome payoff to all the dedication and commitment. I did get punched in the jaw before I reached the first buoy. It still hurts.

Worst race and why: Don't have a bad one yet. They've all been great, but I've only done 6. Give me time!

This years goals: build endurance for an Ironman 70.3 in 2009, and podium at least once in 2009. Keep having a blast and keep a balanced and relaxed approach to the sport. I can have an addictive personality and I want to go hard but have fun and not make it mean anything!

In 5 years I hope to: Be married with a child, win my age group occasionally, and have a huge unforeseen financial windfall!

Something most people don't know about me: I used to drink and party a LOT and have been sober since 1989!