1:21:39 7:14:30 4:56:27 13:50:32 1422 of 1736 7 of 30

Just wanted to congratulate Vic, another great performance from our perennial Hawaii Ironman. Above are his splits for this years race. Their were 30 guys in his 65-69 age group and Vic placed 7th. I'm sure he will have a full report when he gets back.

 Also congratulations to everyone who competed in Sunday's Duathlon, particularly Matt Trost, who was the overall men's winner of the sprint distance race and Desa Mandarino who won the women's sprint.

All the results can be found at http://results.active.com/pages/page.jsp?eventID=1619340&pubID=3

You'll see two names at the very bottom of the results as DNF's. Sarah Mandes and Liz Groom. Sarah is out of hospital, looking a little chewed up from the road rash, following her accident, but ready to start running again this week. Also a special high five to Liz for stopping immediately to help Sarah, with no thought about finishing her race. Hopefully she won't have any similar problems at her Nike Marathon this Sunday in San Francisco.