Here is the short version of how I crashed. I was riding along Calle Real, going North toward Hollister, by myself last Thursday morning. It was drizzling and I thought I slowed down enough to safely make the left turn over the 101 onto Hollister. Unfortunately, the road had a fresh coat of blacktop put down the day before and the oil and water made it very slick. My rear wheel went out as soon as I started to turn and I slammed into the pavement with my left shoulder first then hit my head and hip. I slid out into the middle of the intersection before I stopped with my bike on top of me (yes the bike is ok).  Unfortunately, I broke my collarbone and got quite a bit of road rash. The good news is that I am healing really well.  A very nice guy in a white 4X4 with a shaved head and walrus mustache stopped to help me. He called 911 for an ambulance and stayed in the road directing traffic. Another biker who was visiting from Orange County stopped and I used his phone to call my family to meet me at the hospital. The fire department came and one of the firemen was a biker and a friend of Eddie Rodriguez(?). I was a little woozy and may not have gotten the name right. The firemen took my bike back to the house. My good friends, Ed and Sue, got me home and took care of me and made sure I got fed until Lori could return from her meeting in Florida. I owe a real thanks to everyone. Without the help, I do not know what I would have done. Thanks again for the call and thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and kind words. Joe