Okay, here's a brief "race report" on my weekend...

Lompoc Sprint Tri

I had hoped to be able to report on my two races last weekend, the Lompoc Sprint Tri and the Strawberry Fields Olympic distance tri, on how my wife had broken her own age group record in Lompoc, how I had broken the existing record in my age group, and how I came to grips with racing longer on Sunday following a hard sprint race. Unfortunately as some people already know, I didn't even make it through the first two parts of the first day, no less two tris!

Long story short, coming up to an intersection with a four way stop, very early in the bike, one of the first people out of the pool and onto the course, a large utility truck partially blocked the view of the cross traffic, so with a car in "my lane", I opted to go to the left of the car, seeing a volunteer in the intersection, assuming I would have the right of way and be clear. Well another volunteer, who I didn't see, who didn't see me (remember the large utility truck? It blocked their view! Duh, move out so you can see the riders!!!), waved a car into the intersection, just as I approached it.

I saw it out of the corner of my eye, my brain said "Oh shit, I'm going to hit that car!", so I jerked my bike to the left, supposedly out of harms way, but into and across a section of road with unused railroad tracks and broken up and uneven pavement. I tried to get back into my lane, but lost control and went down, requiring a visit to the local ER. Nothing broken, hardly any black and blue marks (how did I hit the ground and not bruise?), but a large hole in my right elbow that some creative suturing and 10 stitches managed to pull back together, and some patches of healing road rash scattering all over my body.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes, much appreciated.

The other news is that Janice did break her own age group record, but then unfortunately had to come and collect her husband in the ER, definitely a buzz kill! And yes, I decided it was better to skip the Strawberry Fields race the next day, actually planning to listen to the ER Doc that said no swimming for two weeks. Fine, I'll work on my bike and run!