I have been contacted by Teva and they are beta testing some running shoes. They are looking for specific size feet. If you are a male with size 9 shoes and a female size 7 or 10/10.5 read on.

Hey guys,

                 My name is Stephen and  I head up the Field Testing we do here at Deckers Outdoor for Teva Footwear and our new line of Trail Runners.  We’re currently looking for some good local runners who love to run and wouldn’t mind getting some frees shoes for doing so. We always have a need for  good runners to help test out our new footwear styles out on the trails and the roads but never more so than now. Please get back to me at your convenience if you know some good runners who wear the above/below marked sizes so we can get you signed up. We can really use your help to  get the product dialed in and have them perfected for the market. However it is only with help from athletes like yourselves that we’re able to do so.                 In the future months to come I will have a great need for both Male(size-9) & Female(size-7) runners for testing our Trail Runners. These shoes will have a hybrid style build and be geared toward both Trail Running and Road running too, to an extent, they should be a good mix of both but only good running will tell. So let me know when you can, I also have some of our current NEW models for next spring ready to go for you guys. Attached are next years’ models for Spring 09, watch out for the Evolution & the Control 2, both are X-1 builds and trail tested and athlete approved.  

Best and Happy Trails,

You can have whomever is interested contact me at skass@deckers.com or my contact below.