Five Questions You Always Wanted To Ask A Triathlete With Kids…..

Featuring My Favorite Martinich, Chris & The Family.

"Have you told your spouse that the Family Vacation is Wildflower?"


What's worth more? Your Mini-Van or Your Tri Bike?

Chris Martinich: I refuse to ever drive a mini-van. Tacoma Quad cab here with rack for 4 bikes. I am loving my new Specialized Roubaix from Hazards Cyclesport. Tough to choose between the two. Bike makes me strong, truck makes me cool.


2. Bob or No Bob?

Chris Martinich: What's your increase in pace per mile at NiteMoves with the Bob Stroller? Thankfully, no more Bob on my runs. But when I had one, I easily was 45 seconds per mile faster downhill.


3. Did you gain any sympathy weight with your last kid? If so, what was your increase in miles per hour on Toro Canyon?

Chris Martinich: Unfortunately I gained all the sympathy weight. It was a major motivator in starting triathlon. To date since doing Tri I have lost 40+ lbs. 15 since I got my new bike (Specialized weight loss advocate opportunity?). I would say for every extra 10 pounds = 2 mph increase in downhill speed.


4. Do you still listen to 50 cent or is all Jack Johnson?

Chris Martinich: I'm all about Jack Johnson Curious George Sound Track. It's the heart and soul of my playlist. When I want to crank it up I revisit my High School days with Metallica and Guns N Roses.


5. Have you told your spouse that the Family Vacation is Wildflower?

Chris Martinich: Several family trips have been planned around races. This year it's just me and some buddies going to Colorado for Ride the Rockies. Chris Martinich


Bonus Question. Does your wife race? If so, who watches the kids?

Chris Martinich: I finally got my wife to run. She emphatically says she will never try to Tri. But I did finally get her to do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run! We try to trade off watching the kids to squeeze in workouts. Thankfully I don't mind getting up pre-dawn to workout. Sometimes races end up costing an extra $50 in babysitter fees, but it's worth it and rare.


Double Your Prize Money Question:

.... Lance just pulled up lame... decided to give his Kona slot to an age grouper with kids... They pulled your name... And it's the family Disneyworld trip during the same week that your daughter won at school for selling the most Girl Scout cookies... What do you do?

Chris Martinich: Ah, girl scout cookies, how I live and breathe. As you may have seen, my garage is floor to ceiling cookies right now. I would have to say that Disney world would get my vote. I probably wouldn't have time to train for Kona and I would happily take that entry sell it on eBay and put a little extra in the kids’ college fund  (The truth is if I took the entry, I would be going to Kona alone and would probably only get to visit my kids on weekends after that point)


Is there a question YOU want to ask Triathletes with Kids?

Chris Martinich: I would ask all the parent Triathletes out there, how do you train? Between work, kids’ soccer, tennis, art, Girl Scouts and cookies, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. This is why I'm usually not prepared for a race, but I race anyway and gut it out. I'm usually so sleep deprived that I can't even remember what the days were to miss. Every day is an adventure. Especially when trying to train. Now all my strength training usually involves a child hanging on me in some way or another. I wouldn't trade it for anything.