Name: David Parker
Years in Triathlon: Did SB sprint in 1991, first full IM 1999, Hawaii 2005
Employment: Engineering Manager
Outside Interests: Family; Music (Support The Mustangs Buy our CD @ or a free Sample listen at:; Motorcycles (built custom “Phatty” in my garage)
Family Life: Wife Susan, Daughter Nicole
Your Hero: Peter Parker (Spiderman) the comic book, not the movie
Athletic Background: Wrestler, power lifting, not usual for tri, then injuries sent me to find something different
Favorite Race and Why: Hawaii 2005, My Cheering section was there. It is an unbelievable atmosphere.
Worst Race and Why: Auburn 2008,  Hot,  They said parts were over 120 Degrees, I melted.  Close second Lake Paris half they ran out of water on bike and run.
Goals this Year: IM Wisconsin for a Hawaii spot
In 5 Years I Hope to: Know what I want to do when I grow up.  Plus, Get to IM New Zealand and back to Hawaii.
Something Most People Don’t Know About Me: Have a masters degree, but never went to a graduation.  High school, had a motorcycle accident that put me in and out of a hospital for three months+, Undergrad, Graduated in August so my friends were in June, and by December I was working on masters figured I’d hit that.  Masters, I started in Michigan and finished Independent study in California and wasn’t worth flight back at the time.