Name: Beth Bailey
Years in Triathlon: 13
Employment: Founder of The Kiddo Company (  Working to launch at Whole Foods sometime soon.  Out of undergrad I was an engineer and worked in a paper plant, then a management consultant traveling all over the place.
Outside Interests: I love to cook, eat good food and shop at the farmers market.  I like reading the headlines and Personal Section of the WSJ.  I try to limit my impact on the Earth – turn out lights, no to-go coffee cups, pick up junk from the beach, no water in bottles, no paper/plastic bags.  The basics I suppose.  It’s gotten to the point where I have become my grandmother and have to save bread bags to have a plastic bag just in case.   I used to travel quite a bit and look forward to new adventures with the kids as they get a little older and can manage long car and plane trips.  I really enjoy a nice glass of wine.  I also enjoy sleep but never quite get enough.
Family Life
: Husband Jeff (you know, the big tall guy!) and 2 girls, Mary Jane (6) and Vivian (4 1/2).  They are fun!
Athletic Background:  My main sport was springboard diving.  I competed from age 7-17 and coached for 6 seasons.  I then tore my ACL my senior year of high school and I didn’t recover quickly.  In college I switched to 8-oz curls and intramural soccer (both very big sports at Ohio State!)  After undergrad I got into running, I got back in shape and started doing triathlons….fun to end up a decent swimmer even though swimming ability has absolutely no correlation with diving – they just both happen to include water.
Favorite Race and Why: Mrs. T’s Chicago Triathlon 1997.  My first “big” race. Very exciting with all the people around and the first time I actually felt like I was competing in a real triathlon.
Worst Race and Why:  I really am not sure if I could call out any specific race that was a total disaster.  Mostly, they are all mediocre from a “race” standpoint because I’ve never trained enough by the time the race day gets to me.  But I have a blast doing them, they keep me honest, and I like being able to eat all of the food I prepare.
This Year’s Goals:

  1. To keep the plantar fasciitis away that plagued me all last year.
  2. To do track workouts for the first time.  So far they are pretty fun!  Only thing I need to do is get some other running in, because at this point the track workout is also currently my long run – pretty sure that’s not how it’s supposed to be.
  3. To continue to encourage my kids to love swimming, biking and running – via Nite Moves, SB Swim Club, bringing them to tri club events and hopefully having Mary Jane do the kids tri this summer.

In 5 Years I hope to:  Still be doing races! I love the sport and the people who love the sport.   Although I always dream of training just a BIT more each season…
Something Most People do Not Know about ME:  I cut my own hair. I just don’t have the time to go sit in a salon!  I have all the stuff for my wedding album and baby books in a box and not sure why it never makes the A list.