We are excited to continue our partnership with De Soto for our 2021 Santa Barbara Triathlon Club kits. We'll be doing a reprint of the blue design from 2020, so if you missed last year's order, here is your chance to get that awesome kit! As a reminder, this kit was designed to compliment the previous kit design from 2018/2019, so you can mix and match the pieces.

The online store is now open. The order deadline is Friday, May 28th to ensure delivery in time for the Santa Barbara Triathlon. 

De Soto has generously extended a 25% discount on all items, and shipping is FREE - WOW! Additionally, with every kit order, you will receive a coupon code that will entitle you to buy any other (non-custom) products from their website www.desotosport.com for 30% off.

Kits are available to everyone - current members, past members and fans of the club. 🙂 

If anyone has questions on sizing and fit, please note:
  1. The tightest our products ever feel is the first time you put them on.
  2. They do loosen up a bit with a number of wearings and washings, and they never shrink.  
  3. You want our product to be snug and it is better to be too snug than too loose.
  4. Garments that are worn snug will stay against the skin and not rub you.
  5. Chafing and rashing is typically caused by garments that are worn too loose as the fabric will rub against the skin.
For any specific questions, Emilio (emilio@desotosport.com) is available for men's questions and Tracy (tracy@desotosport.com) is available for women's questions.