We are pleased to announce that Geoff Gray from Elite will be coaching the Tuesday Night SB Tri Club Track session this season! This season each workout will focus on making 'better' runners through Injury Prevention, Efficiency, and Performance.

Dates: Tuesday April 10 – Tuesday Aug 14
Time/Location: San Marcos High School Track (6:15 start time)
Workout: Each athlete should be warmed up for the 6:15 start. Each workout will start with dynamic stretching, progress into running specific drills and plyometrics, then offer a 4-6 mile track workout. The entire workout will typically last about an hour.
Science: All drills and plyometrics are based on research that Geoff have conducted at P3, each relating to a specific area of the run stride.
Testing: We'll do anaerobic threshold testing on April 17th to determine optimal training heart rate and speed. It is recommended that all athletes have a heart rate monitor for the first day of testing.

*Non-SB Tri Club members are welcome to participate for the fee of $120 for the entire session. College students are welcome to participate for 60$ for the entire session.