2012 Wildflower Sprint Triathlon Results

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Bella Johnson claims her 1st Place for Santa Barbara Tri Club!

Mark Polomski returns to the podium for a 4th place finish.

Pam Polomski delivers another solid finish at Wildflower.

Lauren Johnson, is already a veteran at Wildflower at 14!

Results, March 5, 2012

1:13:23 Mark Polomski M55 4th
1:33:24 Pamela Polomski F52
1:39:29 Lauren Johnson F14
1:46:15 Bella Johnson F9 1st


Thank you Mark & Pamela Polomski for making Wildflower 2012 a huge success for Santa Barbara Tri Club!

The dynamic duo arrived early, staked claim to Camp Santa Barbara Tri, carried the colors and set up our banner, organized the troops, set up the campfire, entertainment, humor, sparked morale, raced, and also provided a mega fabulous camera for race photography! Happy Anniversary from SB Tri!