March 6th, 2012 Lake San Antonio , CA

Wildflower Olympic Course was 86o, sunny, beautiful, and a perfect day to race. Until you hit the hill on the run. Then you really had to dig deep, but SB Tri was passing many of the racers, on to the finish line. Swim conditions were excellent, and so were the performances our group.

Of course, no one passed "Macca" the legend himself, who swam without a cap or goggles, and smiled and waved to everyone. But Ted Gillett did try, with lots of smiles. Sean Sullivan led the group at 2:34.  Greg Gaitan followed up his weekly speedy SB Tri Track workouts, with a fast performance. Newcomer Garett Gerstenberger went Top 10 in his age group. Heather Reed posted an impressive race, and Gaylen Fair delivered a solid time in hot conditions.

The ageless Gary Maxwell, put on a textbook performance, with a solid bike, but a steady impressive run, that allowed him to continually pass runners on his way to a 2nd place finish in his age group. Joe Sullivan rounded out the podium in their age group, showing that age and experience can beat youth on a tough day.

Future of SB Tri racer Tommy Johnson, 13 years old, now a veteran of Wildlflower took a 4th place medal. Take note for the future of his name.


2:34:21            Sean Sullivan M18            6th

2:37:33            Ted Gillett M49

2:38:09            Greg Gaitan M46

2:41:31            Carlos Gonzalez M32

2:42:55            Garrett Gerstenberger M24            7th

2:44:48            Gary Maxwell M62            2nd

2:47:29            Joe Sullivan M60            4th

2:51:46            Jim Johnson M44

3:01:40            Heather Reed F41

3:12:50            Gaylen Fair F30

3:16:58            Tom Rizk M60

3:22:07            Tommy Johnson M13            4th

3:41:23            Teal Haggar F26