So what are Kyle and Chris each holding? Their very own “Sponsored Athlete” triathlon towel- it is the perfect size for your transition area at the SB Tri (and others)……and also a clever way to make the competitors on each side of you wonder why in the world YOU qualify to be a sponsored athlete.

So how do YOU qualify for a towel? Easy, just make a good faith effort to raise money at this year’s SB Triathlon. The nonprofit beneficiary (Santa Barbara Partners in Education) is a great organization, both students and employers in our area will benefit from your efforts and there are all sorts of other goodies- from a Double Dolphin cruise for SB Tri Club, gift certificates to top fundraisers ($250 Hazard’s gift certificate to top SB Tri Club fundraiser; $50 certificates to next two) and more.

Your next step? Commit to Joe Howell at the SB Tri Club meeting on August 11th (or before the SB Tri) that you have (or will) sign up to fundraise…and you will get a towel. Here are details from Joe Coito , SB Tri Race Director:

For more detailed information about our Fundraising Program, how it works and some tips and tools about how to make it easy and successful you can go here:  If, at any time, you need help of have a question please call our office. We’re happy to help. Joe Coito; 682-1634.