Name: Walker Bellwalker4
Years in Triathlon: I did my first one when I was 10, so I guess 3 years.
Employment: 7th grade @ Laguna Blanca School  &  Santa Barbara Swim Clubwaker1
Outside Interests: Skateboarding, Surfing, BB guns, learning the guitar, iPhone…does that count?!
Family Life: I live with my Mom & Dad,  Bob & Susan Bell
Your Hero: Streetbike Tommy from Nitro Circus….just kidding!  I don’t have one yet.walker5
Athletic Background: I started swimming when I was 5 months old!  I joined the Santa Barbara Swim club at age 5.  I think my parents knew that swimming was going to be my sport when at age 7 I swam 5,000 yards (200 laps) at our club’s Swim-A-Thon…without stopping!...that took some explaining to my sponsors who pledged $2 per lap!
Favorite Race and Why:  My first triathlon…. S.B. Kid’s Triathlon in 2007…I finished first in the Junior Division and my closest competitor was over 2 minutes behind.  I had a lot of fun at my first “adult” Sprint race in Carpinteria…especially the biking part of it.
Worst Race and Why: I guess I don’t have one yet, I’ve only competed in 5 so far.
Goals this Year: I’d like to do well at the Santa Barbara Triathlon, this will be my first time, I  haven’t done this race yet.  I want to win the swim at Nite Moves…maybe that should be in the next category!
In 5 Years I Hope to:  Keep racing, stay healthy and always have fun!  Oh, and become a professional Unicycler!
Something Most People Don’t Know About Me:  I’m not that mysterious!waker2