The line is the sand was drawn and UCSB came up victorious!!

For those of you unfamiliar with the event format, it is a team relay aquathon. Each team is comprised of 6 people who alternate between swimming (about 700m) and running (about 1.5 miles).  For most teams involved this is more of a “fun event” than a competition. The Fastest Men’s, Women’s and Co-ed teams from each side go head to head and whomever (SB Tri or UCSB) can win out 2 out of the 3 categories takes the overall title!

After holding the coveted trophy for the past two seasons the SB Tri Club once again turned it over to UCSB for safe holding! Here is how the race played out:

Due to fact that we only had two women willing to run (Note to self: Do not plan the challenge on the same weekend as Bay to Breakers) SB Tri was only able to put together 2 Men’s teams and 2 Co-ed teams. We need more lady's to come out and have some fun next year!!

This meant we would need to take both categories in order to come out on top. SB Tri’s number 1 men’s team may have finished first but our Co-ed team was no match for UCSB’s who actually finished ahead of their men’s team! Yes, strategy and tactics play a huge roll in winning this event and UCSB played their cards perfectly taking the Co-ed and Women’s divisions!

We also open this event to any other clubs and organizations interested in competing and the Rincon Triathlon Club did not disappoint! They made their annual pilgrimmage up from Ventura/Camarillo via bikes with backpacks raced their hearts out and rode back down the coast! Those are some tough triathletes!

For those data heads out there Craig Adams put together and amazing breakdown of the results with all the splits! Click here and here

Congratulations once again UCSB, you will hold the trophy for exactly the next 364 days J !!  We will see you next year!

Truth be told this is one of the best events all year and I encourage anyone (competitive or not) to come out and enjoy the relay and have a few refreshments! SB Tri had a great time and we couldn’t put this on without the support from UCSB! Thanks guys for another awesome event!

See the “Battle in the Sand 2011” facebook gallery for the visual play by play!