The Tuesday Night Run Workouts at San Marcos High continue at pace while many of the runners are preparing for the upcoming Santa Barbara and Carpinteria triathlons. We still have another 5 weeks of training before the Santa Barbara Long Course triathlon so our focus will shift to support all the sprint and long course runners preparing for that race, and obviously beyond.


The Tuesday Night Running Workout for next Tuesday, August 2, will be “off-track”, meeting at Leadbetter Beach at 6:15 (ready to run, already warmed up), at the west end, a.k.a. the Nite Moves transition. We will be doing interval repeats up the hill and down in preparation for the SB Long Course triathlon 10 mile run, which hopefully everyone has been training on. Everyone is welcome to come out and join the fun, to help boost your training and build your confidence in preparation for race day. Bring a watch or your HRM, I hope to see you there! Fred

It’s never too late to come out and join the group to get some speed work in to help you achieve your goal for better and faster run times in your upcoming triathlons and running races. As a reminder we meet at 6:00 for 15 minutes of warm up, and by 6:15 I’m giving out the set for the night. We do our drills, and get on with the main set. Hope to see more of you out there.