As promised we have your new uniforms before this years Wildflower. A big thanks to John Nelson and John Herzog along with Andrea Stouffer and Liz Groom, who all make up our Haberdashery Department.

Last night we went to John Nelson's house and sorted all the uniforms and John delivered them to Hazards this morning. They are bagged with your name on, so all you have to do is pick up the bag. You should have already paid for the items and also tried them on, so now all you have to do is wash them once ( recommended by Liz ) and then wear them with pride.

I really want to encourage you to wear ANY Tri Club gear at Wildflower, but particularly the new stuff if you ordered it.

Finally, remember you ordered the sizes based on trying on the fit kit. We don't have other sizes in stock if they don't fit. We may do another run later in the year based on demand but we would have to meet minimum order requirements.


I have heard from a few of you about this weekend but definitely not as many people as those who raised their hands at the last meeting. If you want me to try and save you a place to camp you must let me know. Just showing up at 9.00pm Friday evening won't work as every blade of grass is usually full by then. I will try and be at the top of Redondo Vista, preferably on the right.


Again I have heard from a few of you about participating in the challenge, but based on the responses we will have one mixed team!!!! Please let me know that you can participate so I can work on teams. It's fun, you can do your Saturday ride before the challenge, you can still have time for pancakes, it's fun. We will have food, soft drinks, beer and prizes at the end....well one prize anyway...the trophy. Did I tell you it's just for fun. So don't make me hunt you down and threaten you if you don't do it. I'll be looking through the list of participants from Reef and Run and Nite Moves to make sure the same people are on ' THE TEAM'

E-mail me.


Still need a few more volunteers. We have our grill masters, but need set up and tear down volunteers. Next week I will be asking for some numbers so we know how much food to buy. We do the meat and drinks you bring the rest. Well not you personally, everyone brings something.

I may get another short e-mail out tomorrow but probably not as I'm packing, then leaving early Thursday for Wildflower.

Finally I mentioned that I will be having a drawing at the end of the year for anyone who writes a short race report this year. I'm also going to extend that to anyone who sends me their bio. If you are new we want to know about you. If you race we want to hear about it. Last year I gave dinner for two at a really nice restaurant for the name that was drawn as winner. I'll do the same this year for both reports and bios.

Have a fun time at Reef and Run tonight if you are doing it but pick up your gear from Hazards first so you look hot!!

The Pres.