The Wellness Movement will be leading us through coached, structured running workouts OFF TRACK this year, as we still don't have access to the San Marcos High School track. These workouts are open to all SB Tri Club members. 
Will be on Wednesdays starting at 6:00 PM (will last 60-90 minutes)
Workouts begin on Wednesday March 17th (St. Patty's Day)
Location: Meet at East Beach (West End of Parking Lot)
Safety Protocol: Must wear a mask except during the workout
Requirements for Injury Prevention:  Participants should have a base of running (at least 1-2 months of consistent running) before attempting to do intervals workouts.
Types of Workouts: We'll be doing typical interval workouts (similar to a track workout), sometimes based on time, sometimes based on distance (we'll measure and mark with cones).
We'll be starting from East Beach since that gives us three key areas in which we can do the workout: We can go toward the Cemetery (also a great area for hill repeats), we can go around sections of Chase Palm Park, and we have that ball field across the street that is a beautiful loop and would be perfect for measured distances.  Plus we have bathrooms and ample parking. 



The Wellness Movement Santa Barbara 

We provide one-on-one strength and conditioning with a focus on corrective exercise and injury prevention, running and multisport coaching, as well as nutritional counseling to athletes of all levels.  We also contract with local coaches to organize race specific group training programs for running, cycling and multisport events.  We emphasize mutual support and connection as we train together and build community through fitness!