On Saturday April 16, the Club is proud to lead rides from the SlowTwitch Road Show at Hazard's at 8:15, Saturday April, 16!

The pack will ride together East on Cabrillo, by the Biltmore through Summerland past the Polo club, turn left to 192, right turn to Gub.
There will be two routes with the group splitting at the bottom of Gubanador Canyon:

  • Greg Gaitan will lead the ride back on the 192 to Hazards (about 34 mile).
  • Joe Sullivan will take the second route West on 150 to Rincon and South to Emma Woods for some ocean views. At Emma Woods we will turn around and come back to 150, to the 192, over Toro and back to Hazards (about 45 miles). This will be a mellow ride out, with some effort on the way back.