The Silverman Triathlons, full & half, were held on November 8th, it seems that this race is gaining popularity and could possibly rise to qualifier status.   Local results and race information follows.  VB

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Henderson makes headlines! Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the action during the 4th Annual Nevada Silverman Triathlon on Sunday, November 9, 2008!Branded as the toughest course in North America by "The Man" himself, Dave Scott, the Nevada Silverman attracts individuals and relay teams from around the world looking for a superb culmination race to their 2008 triathlon season. Featuring Full and Half Distance courses with over 12,000ft and 6,000ft of elevation gain respectively, the Nevada Silverman is the race that sets triathletes apart from the mainstream. You've had Iron. Are you ready for Silver?Reputation aside, the Silverman offers much more to an athlete than just bragging rights. Breathtaking views over vast expanses of desert terrain, tremendous athlete support on course (4:1 volunteer ratio and "buffet-style" aid stations), awesome swag, an abundance of shopping, dining and entertainment for your loyal spectators, and more than a handful of opportunities to celebrate your finish!

In our three short years on the tri circuit, the Silverman has become a force to be reckoned with. We work hard to create an event that is second to none paying attention to every detail; from the carpeted boat ramp and able-bodied strippers (wetsuit strippers that is), to the abundant amenities that will greet you at your finish…yes…we really did have hot tubs one year! It’s our mission to keep the event unique and exciting by adding clever new twists at every turn!


 Full Silverman

23 Overall, ANDREW RILEY,  SANTA BARBARA, 6 Age Group, M4044, 1:21:23, 6:50:06, 4:20:57, 12:43:37  

Half Silverman

51 Overall, GLYN LEARMONTH, SANTA BARBARA, 11 Age Group, M3034, 32:53, 3:25:15, 1:51:38, 05:57:21  

SILVERMAN COMMENTARY  ( courtesy of Fred M. )

Here's a blurp from Andrew about the conditions at Silverman...

We had probably 20mph winds on the water until the front came through with 30-40 mph steady in the face as we made the turn into the last 800 yards or so. I found out later that several kayaks got swamped and had to be towed back in and the half was delayed until the organizers felt it was safe to start. The rain and wind stayed in with hail here and there for another hour or so and turned into a steady light rain for another hour after that. The last 25 miles of the bike the wind picked back up to 20+ on the nose. It was a bit special. 😉 The run conditions were perfect, cool and no wind to speak of.