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Men's Warm-up Jacket

Women's Warm-up Jacket

Men's Warm-up Pant

Women's Warm-up Pant

Unisex Beanie
















Men's and Women's Warm-up Jacket: $40
Men's and Women's warm-up Pants: $36
Beanies: $9


It's time to place your order for the highly anticipated 2012 Warm-Up Suits! Please follow the instructions to place your order:
1. Go to Hazard's to try on the "fit kit" and select the appropriate size. They run slightly large.
2. Leave a check at Hazard's for the appropriate amount or bring  it to the meeting on Thursday April 12th.
3. Fill out the online form (Link above and below).

- Orders must be placed by Sunday April 15th 2012.
- The "fit kits" will be at hazards by Saturday afternoon (April 7th) and will be at the meeting on Thursday April 12th.
- The "fit kits" include Men's and Women's Sizes XS-L (If a L is too small order and XL).
- The Track Suits run slightly big.
- You must drop off a check for the appropriate amount at Hazards to complete your order.
- Please submit the from more than once if you would like more then one of the same item.
- Each clothing item will be embroidered with the SB Tri Club logo.
- All Warm-up clothing will be Navy and White (Just like the pictures).
- Beanies will be Heather Gray and Black (Just like the picture).

Links to View the Clothing online: 
Men’s Warm-up Jacket (Navy/White)
Men’s Warm-up Pant (Navy/White)
Women’s Warm-up Jacket (Navy/White)
Women’s Warm-up Pant (Navy/White)
Beanie (Grey Heather/Black)

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