We're giving our sponsored ROKA Teams a jump on our INDEPENDENCE Day Sale! Can you PLEASE FORWARD this along to the SB Tri list so everyone can take advantage?

Starting today, you and your SB Tri athletes get a 5% extra discount on all sunglasses (above and beyond your normal discount). Your code is T-SBTRI-July4th and will be good for 25% off through July 6th (that's an extra day on the back end of the sale too).

As another bonus only for ROKA Teams, we're including our newest sunglass styles (they'll be excluded from the sale for the public). Make sure to check them out if you haven't yet - they're awesome:

  • Falcon Ti (on pre-order, ships July 14)
  • Rio Ti (on pre-order, ships July 14)

Of course this also covers our original styles, which continue to collect accolades from customers, press, and pro athletes:

Independence Day has us really fired up this year - we're an underdog in a sunglass world filled with huge global monopolies, and that's exactly why we've had to make the best product possible to stand apart. We're working to follow big ideas quickly, refuse to compromise on performance or style, and are on a mission to offer a vastly superior product that doesn't have layers of markups built in.

We're thankful that you and your athletes have been along for the first part of the journey. Keep tuning in because it's going to keep getting better!