So here's the scoop:


We will be meeting at Oreana Winery 205 Anacapa St Santa Barbara. It's a stones throw from Hazards so park around the same area. We will start at 6.30pm. As usual we will have a nice dinner, but this time it will be wine, soda, and water''s a winery!!. For a change we will be serving Indian food, thanks to Josh and Karen for setting it up. You are very welcome to bring your spouse, in fact I encourage it, but children under 12 will have to find something else to do this night. Sorry, we will have a VERY full house, with lots of adult stuff, so boring for the little ones...and it's a winery!

The program will be US, that's you, but we will finish off with some dancing and socialising for this last meeting. Dress is casual smart. How about we leave the race shirts at home and see what we look like in some nice duds.

I have lots of awards and some surprises so hope you ALL show up..who knows you may be on the list already.

See you Friday!