Santa Barbara Triathlon Club is a ROKA sponsored team!  As such, club members have access to discount pricing and special deals throughout the season.  ROKA just made this process one step easier for us!  Please check out the information below and set up your individual account access to receive ongoing discounts.  Please note, the Team Handle and Passcode are listed below but you must be a current paid member and logged in to see them.  You will need those to set up your account!  CHECK IT OUT BELOW!

Here's how to activate (each club member sets up their own account):

  1. Create an account at (Or log in to an existing account if you already have one.)
  3. Enter your "team handle" and "team passcode", and submit. The handle and passcode for SB Tri athletes are listed below (you must be a paid member and logged in to see them).  
    • Team handle: 
    • Team passcode: 
  4. You'll see a confirmation message showing that you're registered. Now you're done – go get what you need to find faster this year!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you activate, your team prices will only show up once you begin checkout. We know this could be a little confusing and will work on improving it, but for now, rest assured that you'll get your special pricing – just not until checkout.

Once activated, this new system will auto-populate all team pricing any time you're logged in – i.e. year-round discounts, special "kickers" for promotions, etc. – alleviating the hassle of searching through old emails or sticky notes in your junk drawer to locate those four discount codes you got nine months ago.