Name ­

Michelle Teeters, Personal Stylist & Recruiter for J Hilburn

Company ­(click logo to see some fabulous men's clothing)

2016 - J Hilburn



Years at Company or Date of Establishment ­

Established 2007

Company History or Career Background ­

As a stylist and a recruiter for the direct sales men's custom clothing company J Hilburn, my job is to help my clients to look and feel their best and to help my stylists accomplish their goals and live the life they imagined. J Hilburn is a men's custom company with over 2,400 stylists across the country who work for themselves to represent the brand and bring great­fitting Italian­milled custom clothing straight to our clients. From shoes to jeans and casual shirts to tuxes, I help my clients with everything they're in need of and eliminate the hassle of shopping from their lives.

Years as a Tri Club Sponsor ­ 1

Years in Triathlon ­ 1.5

Family Life ­

1 crazy yet cuddly dog , Toby

My Hero ­

Anyone that goes for what they want and doesn't listen to all the people who tell them why they can't do something is my hero!

Favorite Race and Why ­

My favorite race I've ever done is the Santa Barbara marathon because it was the impetus for me moving to this paradise!

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me ­

My favorite sport is actually endurance racing on horses. Get to travel to some amazing places and see incredible scenery!