Photo Credit: Jeff Clark

Mateo Mercur, 2015 Male Badass of the Year

Head Coach, UCSB Triathlon. USA Coach, Trisutto.com

Years in Triathlon
Athletic Background
Running @ 9.
Triathlon @ 14.
Surf lifeguard @ 15.

Family Life
Dog, Luna. Partner, LC.

Favorite Race and Why
Kona. Pinnacle of our sport. Greatest challenge to get there. Toughest competitive conditions.

Worst Race and Why
Collegiate Nationals 2010 as Coach of UCSB Triathlon Team. Brutal cold, wind, rain. Half team became sick with waterborne illness on trip home.

This Year’s Goals
Have my athletes crush everything!

Something Most People Don’t Know About Me / 1st Dan Black Belt, Hapkido.